YouTube Video Branding with Watermark Image 2019

1. In this video you will learn how to Brand all your youtube videos with a single watermark image.
2. first log into your youtube account and click channel profile image.
3. Next click creator studio.
4. Next click channel link and next branding link.
5. Next in youtube branding page click Add a watermark button.
6. next pop-up page, you can add a watermark image with maximum file size of 1MB, watermark image format recommended is PNG or GIF format.
7. Click Choose file and select image file from your computer and click save button.
8. Again click save button if you are satisfied with the watermark image or you can choose another file here.
9. Next you can choose to add watermark at the end of the video or enter custom time if you want it to appear at that time on the video or the entire video.
10. Finally click update button.
11. You can see in your youtube video this is how your watermark brand image will appear when viewers view your videos.
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