Youtube Account Varification – Unlock Super feature in YouTube Channel by varifying your account 2019

In this video you can learn how to varify youtube account to avail more super feautures for your youtube channel.

1. In this video we will see how to varify youtube account.

2. Login into your youtube account and click youtube profile image.

3. Next click settings tab and Next click View additional features.

4. Next you must be in the status and features page, if not click status and features under channel tab on the left side.

5. Next click varify button.

6. Next on this page, select country you belong to here.

7. Next select a phone varification method one, automated voice message or seond, phone text text message.

8. I prefer the phone text message method and Enter phone number here and press submit button.

9. Next enter 6 digit varification code message recieved on your phone and click submit.

10. You can see here your youtube account has been varified.

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