Setup Youtube Featured Content In Youtube Studio Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to setup a featured video content in youtube channel for first time visitors and repeat visitors.

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Setting up Featured content helps in increased channel growth by getting more subscribers and as well as telling new and returning visitors what type of content they can look forward in your youtube channel.

Having signed into youtube account, we need to go to main channel page and enter customise channel page to setup featured video content.

Here, you can setup the featured video that can be viewed by both returning visitors or who have subscribed to your channel and for those who are visiting your channel for the first time.

You can select a video that you have created very specifically for returning visitors who view your videos in your channel again and again or you can select a random video that you feel they would be intrested in viewing it. You can delete it and add a new one again here. You cannot add a streaming live video as your featured video here.

Again you can add a inspirational or a creative trailer video talking about your channel and the video content you add in it, inviting first timers to subscribe to your video. You can change or delete the video content here.

You can see here, when a vistor visits your channel for the first time this is the content he or she views automatically. But once you subscribed to the channel you will view the content thats been uploaded for returning visitor. we have successfully setup featured content in youtube channel

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