Schedule And Publish Youtube Video To Stay Monetised Youtube Studio 2019

Lets see how to schedule video content in youtube channel.

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If you are a multi tasker and do other job or activity yet have to regularly manage and keep your youtube channel running and healthy and be monetized.

Since new monetization policy requires uploading content within last 6 months to keep it active and 4000 watch hours in last 365 days. So what do you do.

Answer to that is creating video content and Scheduling it regularly when you get time once in 3 days or weekly or monthly.

So let get into it. Upload your video content with the new video upload tool.

Add suitable title and brief video descriptions, hashtags, add it to your playlist, youtube cards, keyword tags and end screens to promote the video.

Then in the content publish window select private instead of public and next click Schedule as public tab.

You can select future date and time along with the time zone to publish your content to go public and save the changes.

So untill the video is public only you and users you choose can view the content when it is scheduled.

You can see in the channel video page the video visibility is private and will be viewed by public after the scheduled set date and time.

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