New Upload Video Tool Works In YouTube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In this video we will see how the new youtube studio works.

It is far better than the classic version as all other utilities and functions to promote youtube channel and youtube video.

Playlists, Youtube Cards , Tags, youtube endscreen and youtube captions are all lined up as tabs under youtube video upload section in the same page, you can setup each promotional and utility function before uploading the video to your channel.

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So lets get started with the process. In this video will go through the main tools to promote

Log into your youtube account and click youtube profile icon.

You need to go to youtube studio page to use youtube studio`s new upload tool.

Next click youtube video upload icon in the top right of the studio page.

Next click Select File button to select a video from your computer to upload the video to your youtube channel.

Next you can edit your title of the video in the title section.

Next write a brief description for the uploaded video.

Next enter hashtags thats relatable to the video topic in the description section, Your video can be found when viewers search for videos of similar topic.

Next you can either choose from these default thumbnail images or upload a suitable Thumbnail for your video thats attractive and relatable to the video topic under humbnail section.

Next click Advanced Settings tab to view more tools to promote your video.

Next add your video to existing one or more playlists or you can create a new playlist and add the video to it.

Next click youtube cards section to add interactive youtube cards to promote your other videos and playlists or others youtube channel or create a pollon your video topic or promote and drive traffic to your website.

Next click Tag section to add keyword filled tags for your video to be ranked and found when searched.

Next click endscreen section to add your youtube videos playlists or your youtube channel or your website to drive traffic to it.

Next click Languages and subtitles, you can click Upload Subtitles slash CC link and upload caption file for the video here.

And next click the next button to continue.

Here you can select either public to publish the video now or make the video private to be visbible to you or save it as unlisted to be visible to only those whom you share the video link to.

Finally click done button to upload the video.

The video is on youtube channel, here we have the option of adding the embeded code to your website or blog here or you can share it to social media sites or you can copy link and send it in email to your friends to promote the video.

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