Make Money – Join YouTube Partner Program Updated 2019

In this video you can learn how to Join Youtube Partner Program and earn money.

If this is your first time viewing my video, please subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to get updates when new content is added. 3. To earn money from your content on youtube channel, you need video viewers who watch your videos regularly, who love to watch content that you upload in your youtube channel.

So you need to create content thats very much engaging and entertaining to get regular views consistently.

But the content that you create needs to follow Youtube community guidelines.

Then you can apply for Youtube Partners Program which has certain criteria, eligiblity and threshhold which your youtube channel needs to meet.

first your youtube channel must be in good standing without any copyright strikes or any Community Guidelines strikes.

You can view it under your youtube channel Status and features page. Like here, you can see there is zero copyright strike and zero community guidlines strike on my channel.

Second, you should have 4000 hours video watch hours in the past 12 months.

Which you can find out under analytics page in youtube studio. See in my channel it has not yet reached the threshold of 4000 hours which is 240 thousand minutes watched.

third, with aleast 1000 youtube subscribers for your channel.

I have more than 1000 subscribers in my channel

These criteria are set so that youtube wants to retain content creators who are serious and good, who follow the youtube community guidelines and be an asset on the platform, which helps in logical evaluation of the channel and as well economical for the youtube team to manage it.

But as per youtube site you can apply anytime, but your channel will be reviewed based on the above criteria, once youtube is satisfied with your channel status, policies along with the viewers threshold, you will be accepted and start earning money from Ads, super chats channel membership and much more if your meet the eligibility criteria and tehir availability in your country.

Your channel will be reviewed within a months time from reaching the eligibility and review threshold.

But for some reason if it is not approved it maybe becos your channel does not meet the required criteria based on youtube policy an community quidelines.

You can re-apply again in 30days. Check your videos and remove any content that is not as per youtube community policy or guidelines.

Next, for monetization to be intact on your channel, your channel needs to be active with uploads in the last 6 months along with the threshold. But if it drops below, your channel can be removed from Youtube partner program.

Please find links below in the description section to find more information on Youtube partner program and youtube community guidelines.

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