How To Upload Caption File To YouTube Video In Youtube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to upload captions file to your youtube video in youtube. Captions helps in better experience to viewers who have issues cating up with different acsent and as well as for SEO Purpose.

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Click youtube profile image then click youtube studio beta tab.

Next on the left hand side of youtube studio page, click video`s tab.

Next select the video you wish to add captions.

And next on the video page, click Advanced tab.

Next scroll down below to, Original video subtitles and CC section.

Here you will find Youtube subtitles automatically being added.

Click on the more icon and click download option. You will find a captions file being downloaded on to your computer.

Open that file with your Notepad and next you need to compare it with the youtube video for grammer and timing of the text.

And change and adjust them accordingly to the time and voice in the audio in the downloaded file if your find any display error in grammer or mis-representation of words.

Once you are satisfied with the corrections, you can save the file in the same SubViewer file format .sbv file that it was downloaded as shown in the video.

Next, go to your youtube studio and click Upload Subtitles CC Link and upload the corrected subtitle captions file.

You can see here the file we corrected and upload is the default captions file for the youtube video.

And finally click save button. You can go back and varify captions in the youtube video.

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