How To Start Youtube Video To Play At A Specific Time

In this video we will see how to share a youtube video on website or blogsite that starts at a certain time rather than at the begining of the video as it normally does.

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So lets see how its done. Play the youtube video and click on the video timeline when it is playing where you want it to start.

Next click Share button under the video. In the popup window you see both the youtube video link to share and check box and start at text, where we can enter the time.

Next click the check box below it, you can add the time here as to when you want the video to start when you embed in your website or blogsite.

I want the video to start after 2 minutes and 17 seconds exactly when I add it in my website or blogsite. Lets add the time here 2.17 here.

Lets copy the youtube video URL and paste in my website and next lets save the changes and publish the page and next preview the page to confirm changes.

And you can see here when we play the video it starts exactly at 2.17.

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