How To Setup Youtube Manager In Youtube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to setup Youtube Brand Manager or Manager for your youtube account. The main objective of this youtube video is to show how to add users to manage Youtube brand account.

But managers can be added to youtube brand account and not youtube personal account.

Log into your youtube account and next click youtube profile image and then click Settings Tab from the drop down menu.

On this page you can create a manager to your youtube channel account.

Here, Click Add or Remove Managers link.

Next click manage permissions tab to add a new user to your you brand account.

Next in the popup window click people plus icon and add the users email who you wish to manage your youtube brand account besides you.

Next select the role which you wish to assign like owner or manager or communication manager which carries different levels of authority and responsiblity and finally click Invite and your done.

Once the User accepts the Invite through their email which he recieves like this invite email, they can login with their google account and manage your youtube channel.

You can see here, when we click manage permissions tab, the user has accepted the invite to manage youtube brand account.

Lets see how the invited user or brand manager logs into the brand account to manage it.

The user can log into youtube account and follow one of the method to manage the brand account, either select the youtube brand account from the two youtube account and enter it or click youtube profile image and next click switch accounts from drop down menu.

Next, the user or brand manager can click youtube studio beta tab and he can upload new videos into the channel or view analytics for the channel or manage the video that has been uploaded.

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