How to get copyright free music for youtube video

YouTube audio library has a large collection of music tracks that are freely available for YouTube creators to download and feature as background music in their videos or can add sound effects to your motion graphics animations.

Log into your youtube account and click channel icon.

Next click ‘settings tab’ and on the settings page click ‘View additional features’.

Next in the left of the screen click ‘Create’ tab.

On the audio library page you can download music under free music tab or you can download different sounds from sound effect tab.

You can click on each music track and listen to it before downloading them to your computer.

You can view music track other details like duration, the artist or music group the audio belongs to and the type of music like country R&B, hiphop , rock or electronic.

You can aslo search music by artist here in the search box and download them.

Some music audio you can download and use it freely in your youtube video without giving any credit or attribution like this video here, but always fair to give credit from where you downloaded.

Some music audio like this for instance, you need to explicitly give credit and attribution by entering it in the video description section.

You will find in almost all my Youtube video, I would have added attribution and credit to music or audio used in my video tutorials in the video description section.

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