How to enable Custom Thumbnail feature on Youtube videos

In this video I will show you how to activate and add custom thumbnails to your videos, If you see my video`s they all have custom thumbnails added to them, they are pretty attractive inviting viewers to clik them, they act as mini marketing posters for the videos and not everyone reads the video title. So lets get started.

Click youtube channel icon and we are still in the creator studio beta version, seems more changes to come.

Ok anyway moving on, Nnext click settings tab and on the settings page click view additional features.

Here you can see lot of features that need enabling, well in this video we will look at enabling custom thumbnail feature. So what we have to do first is, to varify the youtube channel.

Click varify button, next select your country and choose one of the two phone varification method and enter the 6 digit code to varify. and we are done with varification. You can see the custom thumbnail option has been enabled.

We can upload video here and head to our to the video page to either select a image or upload a custom thumbnail image to our video. And we are done, its looks very attractive and inviting to click.

With this we have come to the end of this video tutorial, subscribe to my youtube channel, like, comment and share my videos if you like them, do not forget to click the bell icon to get future video updates notified.

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