How to drive traffic to your website from youtube videos 2019

In todays video we will see how to drive traffic to your website from youtube videos.

First, We need youtube account with google account and Click youtube channel icon and click creator studio button.

Next click video manager tab on the left side of the page.

Next click the edit button beside the video thumbnail here.

Next click End screen tab in the menu above the video.

Next click Add Element button in the right beside the video and next from the drop down select the link option and click create button.

Next in this pop-up window, select the website url we wish to associate if more than one website or blogger site is associated with the youtube channel and click next button.

Next in this associated website pop-up window, we can change title here or keep it and again we can select a call to action link from the options based on the site like shopping site, we can choose shop or buy or order option, or if its a educational website we can choose learn more option or just simple visit option and finally click create element button.

You can see the End screen is added that is linked to the website or Your blogger site you can move the end screen any where on the video.

Next Click preview button to test the end screen on the video. here we have successfully added our website to the video endscreen, So when youtube viewers when they click on the end screen will be taken to the website.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial, please subscribe to my youtube channel, like and comment on my videos and do not forget to click bell icon to get notified on video updates. Thank you.

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