How To Delete YouTube Channel Permanently Youtube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to delete the youtube channel permanently.

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Log into the youtube account. Next click youtube profile icon and again click settings tab in the drop down menu.

Next, click Advanced settings tab on the left hand side of the youtube accounts settings page.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the delete button to delete your youtube channel.

Next, to continue the process of deletion, varify by entering the password and click Next button.

In the next page we can either hide the content or delete it forver.

To hide youtube content, click I want to hide my content tab and select the two check box to make the video private and hide channel page, channel name channel art and icon and any likes to the video and channel subscription and click Hide my content button.

If you want to delete the youtube channel and its contents permanently, click I want to permanently delete my content tab and select the check box and click Delete my content button.

Again confirm permanent deletion by entering the Youtube Channel name and finally click Delete my content in the pop-up window.

The youtube Content is in deletion process, it will take a few minutes or few days based on the content in your youtube channel.

You can see here when I click my channel, I am asked to create a New Channel as though I am visiting the channel for the first time.

We have sucessfully deleted the youtube channel and contents permanently.

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