How to create youtube brand account and add more people like managers to manage it. 2019

In this video we will see whats a youtube brand account and why is it important and how you can add more people like managers to manage it.

Did you know there is two type of youtube accounts, one is personal Youtube account which is what most of you may have and the other is Youtube brand account where you can add multiple users to manage your youtube account.

You can assign different levels of authority to users to handle different activity on your youtube channel account, its like giving them permission to enter your youtube account with their own google account or youtube account like a virtual assistant or social media agency who can manage it regularly and efficiently.

As your youtube channel account growth increases day by day, Be it an entertainment or educational or a cooking channel.

It maybe hard to handle it regularly, like uploading new video thats relavant to the trending topic, or replying to comments on your videos or check on the video analytics.

So let`s dive into the actual process of creating a Youtube brand account.

First sign into youtube account with your google account, next click Youtube channel icon,and click My channel tab.

Here you have option of having your default personal youtube channel account by clicking create Channel or You can click Use a Business or other name Link to create a Brand account for youtube. 

In Youtube Brand account you can have a different name than your personal youtube account, enter a suitable name to your brand account and click create.

You can upload a video, reply comments and view analytics as you do in your personal youtube account.

But main objective of this youtube account is to show how to add users to manage Youtube brand account.

Next again click youtube channel icon and Click the Settings tab and next on the settings page click Add or remove managers Link.

Next click manage permissions tab to add a new user to your you brand account.

Next in the popup window click people plus icon and add the users email who you wish to manage your youtube brand account desides you, Next select the role which you wish to assign like owner or manager or communication manager which carries different levels of authority and responsiblity and finally click Invite and your done.

Once the User accepts the invite through their email they can login with their google account and manage your youtube channel.

With this we come to the end of this video on Youtube brand account.

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