How To Create New Playlist in YouTube Channel

In this video we will see how to create youtube playlists to grow your channel.

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Playlist allows youtube viewers to view not just one video of yours, but a series of videos that are related to each other, which translates to more video views and increased channel growth.

Click youtube profile image then click youtube studio beta tab.

Next on the left hand side of youtube studio page, click video`s tab.

Here on your channel video page to view playlist option select a video you like to add to a playlist.

Next click the down pointing arrow beside Add To Playlist option.

And Next You can select either one or more existing playlist to add your video to it and click save button.

Or You can click New playlist to create a new playlist and add videos that has a related topic.

Next Add a Title thats relatable for the new playlist and click create option and again click save in the bottom of the window.

To view and your entire youtube playlist you can go to this link – view all playlists

Here you can click edit button on each individual playlist to edit other details.

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