How to create a Custom URL for Youtube channel

Hi, I am Ann from, in this video we will see how to create a custom URL for youtube channel that is easily remembered by your channel followers and relavant to the contents that you add in your youtube channel.

To create a youtube channel Custom URL, you need to have atleast 100 or more subscribers, atleast 30days old and have an uploaded photo as channel icon along with an youtube channel art image.

So lets get started, Log into your youtube account, click profile icon and again click the settings tab.

Next click advanced settings tab under settings.

On the right hand side of the page you will come across this text link if your eligible for custom URl. Click on it.

Next, on this page you usually come across only one option, as I have two channel set in my account, there is two options.

You may have only one option in your account.

Here TheDesignStore Option is not available, hence I have to add another suffix along with TheDesignStore

Need to click terms of use and Change URL button and I am done.

lets varify if the custom url change has been completed. yes its changed and as well the custom URL when searched in the browser takes us to our youtube channel.

Successfully created a custom URL for my youtube channel.

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