How to change to Classic Youtube Channel from Youtube Studio Beta Channel settings 2019

Hi, this is Ann from In this video I will show you how to change and switch to Classic Youtube Channel to Youtube Studio Beta Channel settings.

Log into your youtube account and click youtube channel icon next click Youtube Studio Beta tab.

This is how the Youtube Studio Beta tab dashboard looks along with page tabs on the left, videos, analytics, comments and more, which is quite confusing I suppose after using the classic Youtube channel version.

There is a option for the switching between the channel versions under Settings, So lets go change and switch to the Classic Youtube version.

Click settings tab and on the right you have two options, Creator Classic Studio and Youtube Studio Beta.

Click and select Creator Classic Studio version and click save button in the bottom.

Now we go back to your channel settings and we are back to the Classic more friendly dashboard we are used to.

With this I come to the end of this video tutorial. Please subscribe to my youtube channel, like and comment on my video if you liked it and do not forget to click the bell icon to get notified on future video updates. Thank you.

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