How To Add YouTube Cards To Your YouTube Video – YouTube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to add youtube cards to your youtube videos.

YouTube cards are interactive “panels” encourages viewers to watch more of your videos or your playlist or drive traffic to your website.

Once you have uploaded video to your youtube channel and published it, click youtube profile icon on the right and then again click youtube studio tab.

Next in the left side of youtube studio dashboard click videos tab.

Next select the video for which you wish to add youtube cards and click the title of the video.

Here on the individual video page, scroll to the bottom right and click ‘Cards’ option below.

In this Youtube Cards page you can setup interactive cards on your video.

So lets get started with the process.

You can add up to 5 cards, which include images, text, or clickable links.

The different types of YouTube cards currently available are:

Link Cards: Setup Link directly to your website from the video.

Poll Cards: Here you can Offer viewers ability to vote on different options.

Channel Cards: You can Link to a YouTube channel you want to show your viewers.

Video or Playlist Cards: Add a Link to another YouTube video or playlist you think your viewers will be interested in.

First is the Video or Playlist card, you can select a video or a playlist or you can as well add a youtube video or playlist by others. Add custom message and custom teaser to the youtube card.

Next in the Channel card, add a youtube channel either you own or others you wish to promote with custom message or teaser message.

The third is a Poll where you can ask the viewer questions based on your video or any other topic. This could give you insights into videos they like to view more.

And the final card is linking your website thats associated with your youtube channel, you could drive traffic to your website or store with youtube videos.

Lets play the the video here and preview the Youtube Cards we added to the video, its look very interactive great for promotion.

With this we come to the end of our video on youtube cards. If you liked the video please subscribe to my youtube channel, Like, Comment and share the video and do not forget to hit the bell icon for future video updates.

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