How to add watermark to brand youtube video in youtube studio beta updated 2019

In this video we will see how to add brand watermark image to our videos in our youtube channel.

Adding a youtube video watermark brand image allows improved brand awareness and channel recognition.

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Click youtube profile icon on the left and next click youtube studio beta tab.

Next on youtube studio page, click settings on the left hand side.

Next, under youtube studio settings pop-up page, click channel tab.

Next click branding option on the right side.

Next click Choose Image Button Link and then, you can choose a watermark brand image from your computer.

Once add, you can see this is how the watermark brand for all your youtube video is going to like in the bottom right.

Next, here you have 3 options to display the watermark on your youtube video.

End of the video option, it will be displayed for 15 seconds or less based on your video length.

Second option, you can enter the start time from when you want the watermark to be visible untill the video ends.

Third option, allows your watermark to be visible, during the entire duration of your video from begining to the end. I prefer the the third option, allows increased brand display and channel recognition.

And finally click save button to save the changes we made.

This is how the watermark brand image will be visible to the video viewer while the whole video is being watched.

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