How To Add HashTags To Your YouTube Video Updated You – Tube Studio Beta 2019

In this video we will see how to add hashtags thats visible above the title of youtube videos, like you see here.

Adding hashtags to your videos helps in search engine optimization.

You can add a maximum of about 15 hashtags to your videos, and it needs to be very relavent to your video content you upload.

Lets see how its done.

Click youtube channel icon and next click youtube studio beta tab.

And then click videos option on the left side of the youtube studio page.

Next find the video to which you wish to add hashtags and click this three dotted more icon and select Edit Title and descriptions option.

Next, add the keywords with hashtags thats most relevenat to your video content anywhere in the description section, top, middle or bottom.

Once your satisfied with the choice of hashtags you added, click save and your are done.

If you go back and view your video, you can see the hashtags have been added above the title of your video

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial. Please subscribe , like and comment on the video if it was helpful. Thank you.

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