How To Add Caption Subtitles To Your YouTube Video – YouTube Studio Beta Updated 2019

In todays video we will see how to add sub titles to your youtube videos in youtube studio beta.

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Adding sub titles is helps in search engine optimization and encourages search robots to scan text and rank your videos.

So lets get started. Click youtube icon in the top right corner and click youtube studio beta tab.

Next click transcriptions option under channel on the left side , it is where you need to go to add sub titles on video.

Next click the down pointing arrow under languages coloumn, corresponding to the video for which you wish to add sub titles.

And next select the default language for the sub title to be added for your video and click Confirm text link.

Once you confirm, you can see two options here, one youtube has automatically published option and the other English united states video languages that you have selected.

Now Here, hover over automatically published and click this Open icon.

Choosing the second option you need to add your own content its lot more work.

Click the edit button above the video to edit the sub titles one after the other like the grammers in the sentences, Capital letters at the beggining of a new sentence, and some technical jargons or names of persons can be corrected.

Once your satisfied with the way the sub titles need to be displayed on the video, click publish edits above the video.

As you can see here we have two published edits. Automatic is the original one and the second is the corrected one.

Next click the automatic published option and click unpublish and you need to delete that draft by clicking on the draft button.

So when we go back we can see only the sub title that has been edited by us.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial Please subscribe , like and comment on the video if it was helpful. Thank you.

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