Drive Traffic to Website by Associating it to Youtube Channel Account 2019

In this video you can learn how to associate your website with youtube channel, associating website with your youtube channel helps in driving traffic to your website through linking endscreen to your website url.
1. Associating your website with your youtube channel helps in driving traffic from your youtube videos.
2. lets begin on how to associate website with your youtube channel.
3. Log into your channel and click youtube profile image and next click Creator Studio tab.
4. Next click Channel tab on the left side of the page and next click advanced tab.
5. In the right side of the page type and associate your website in the box below associated website. The pending status will exist unless you varify your website ownership.
6. Click varify link here.
7. Next in the google webmaster central page you need to varify your ownership with any one of the method.
8. In this tutorial I would like to varify by uploading a google HTML file to my website.
9. Next select Google HTML file upload method and click the download HTMl file link below to download the file.
10. My website is at godaddys, but uploading file at any webhosting server is basically all the same.
11. log into godaddy account, click manage button and next click cpanel admmin button.
12. Click file manager icon and next search for the main public HTML folder and upload the google HTML file in the website you associated with youtube channel.
13. yes, uploading google html file is complete and confirm the file in the website.
14. Next in google webmaster central page, Click the varify button, the confirmation is done at google webmasters central page.
15. Refresh the page in your youtube channel, and voila, succesfully varified and associated the website with youtube channel.
I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial on assocating website in your youtube channel. Please like and comment on the video and Subscribe to our youtube channel. Thank you.

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