Add Youtube Video Endscreen 2019

In this video you can learn how to add end screen to your youtube videos to promote more video viewing and more subscribers to your youtube videos and youtube channel.
1. End screens and Annotations tool in your youtube channel dashboard allows you to add end screens annotations like you see now on your screen to the last 20secs of your youtube videos.
2. Lets see how its done.
3. Log into your youtube channel with your google account.
4. Next click youtube profile image and then next click settings tab.
5. Next on this Settings page click view additional features link.
6. Next on Creator Studio page click Video Manager tab.
7. Next click the edit button beside the video on which you want to add End Screen Annotations.
8. Next click End Screen and Annotations tab above the video.
9. Next on this page you can click ‘Add Element button’
10. Here you can promote a single video, an entire playlist, promote subscription to your channel or other channel and also Link to an approved website by your youtube channel.
11. Lets click the first option Add Video or Playlist.
12. In this pop-up window you can select any of the three options.
13. Most recent upload option automatically features a recently uploaded video as an end screen.
14. Best for viewer option Allows YouTube to select a video from your channel to best suit the viewer depending on his past choices of videos
15. Choose a video or playlist option allows a specific video you uploaded to your channel or a specific playlist created to be added as an end screen on your video.
16. In this pop-up window you can click a video from uploads or you can click on a playlist video under playlist.
17. Or you can also add others youtube video or playlist URL on youtube and click create element button.
18.You can add your website link as an end screen to your youtube video and drive traffic to them.
19. Here you can add maximum upto four End screens and you can move the end screen within the transparent box without overlapping each other.
20. You can also move and place the end screen annotation within the last 20sec of your youtube video.
21. You can preview the end screen annotations by click this preview button to edit them accordingly.
22. And finally click Save button on the page.
23. Viewers viewing this video will come across this end screen annotations and if intrested could click and view this video.
24. So that your youtube viewers can view more of your videos on your youtube channel. Our goal with youtube channel is more video content watched and more subscribers.
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