Add social media links in your youtube channel account 2019

In this video you can learn how to add social media links in your youtube channel account.

Your channel subcribers and visitors can connect with your other social media links like facebook, instagram or twitter by clicking those links on your youtube channel art.

First sign into your youtube account with your google account.

Next click youtube account profile image and click My channel tab.

Next click Customise Channel button.

Next on this page click the pencil icon on the right side of your youtube channel Art.

Next move to the bottom of the page where you can add customised links of social media pages like youtube, facebook, instagram and twitter account.

Here click the Add button below Customised links.

Next in the first box you can Type the social media page name and copy and paste the corresponding social media page URL links in the box beside it and finally click Done Button.

Note to add your youtube channel Subscribe button page copy and paste your youtube channel URL along with this peice of code you see in the bottom. Also find this code in the description section below this video.

You can see all our social media links have been sucessfull added to our youtube channel account, visitors viewing your channel page can click and connect with you on your other social media pages too.

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