Youtube Brand Account And Multiple Youtube Managers

What is youtube brand account and why is it important.

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In youtube brand account you can have multiple user to manage your youtube account.

You can assign different level of authority to users to handle different activity on your channel account who can manage it regularly and efficiently.

So lets dive into the actual process of creating a youtube brand account. Log into your youtube channel icon. Then, click my channel in the drop down menu if your creating youtube channel for the first time.

You can click use a business or other name link to create a youtube brand account.

If you already have a youtube channel, you can create a youtube brand account and then create a new channel in your brand account.

Click youtube profile icon and click settings tab, and next on this page click create a new channel link.

Since you already have a personal channel or regular youtube channel, you will be asked to create a brand account as explained in this video.

Enter a suitable name for your brand account and click create brand.

And you are done creating a youtube channel in your brand account.

You can customise your channel by uploading a channel art by clicking customise channel button and channel profile image and other details like channel description.

Next, upload your first video to youtube channel, click upload tool in this page and upload your video from your computer.

Next, you can type and enter a suitable title to the video with keywords that is searchable by youtube users to search your video.

Next, enter a brief description in teh description section and social media links that you wish your video viewers whould like to click and connect with you on social media.

Next, add keyword tags in the youtube keyword tag section to search your video on youtube. Next, finally, click publish button to publish your video on your youtube channel for viewers to view them.

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