WordPress Site Clone: How to clone or Migrate wordpress site from one domain to another.

In this video we will see how to clone a wordpress site from one domain to another domain in the same cpanel hosting account

In cpanel page under web applications section click wordpress application icon

Next click my application in WordPress installation page

Here you can see all the websites created with WordPress application in my hosting account

I will show how to clone this infomercial comm website in my straight click enterprises comm website

Next click the clone icon on the right side of the page corresponding to infomercial website

Next on this page we need to select the domain on which we want to clone the website here

As mentioned earlier we will clone website to straight click enterprises comm website

Hence that website domain is selected, delete blog here as we are cloning in main directory

But if you wish to clone it to any other sub directory or folder you can enter its name here

Next click load button you can see here cloning is under process.

And done, wordpress website has been completely cloned from one domain to another

you can change the site name and other details of the cloned or migrated site here.

click Edit button here and then change the site title here, then username and password as well as the admin email here and again you can enter newly cloned website title and tagline and finally click Save all button

Next if you head to clone site you see all the pages and setup between both the sites is one and the same.

You can log into the site and customize the color concept and other page setup as per your needs.

with this we come to the end of this video tutorial please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like the video like and comment on the video below, thank you

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