WordPress Image Gallery : Elementor WordPress Photo GalleryTutorial 2019

In this video we will see how to create a image gallery in elementor.

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Scroll down and search for image gallery under general elements section. To add the image gellery, we need to drag and drop the image gallery widget on to the container section.

Next, we will add a couple of images, you can add images of the same size of different sizes. Next, you can drag them around and change the order by which they are arranged.

Or click reverse to reverse the image order. you can remove and click add to gallery and add more images.

Next click Insert gallery button below. you can see the image gallery live already on the page.

Next, You can select a image size from the list here. Next, you can change the columns depending on how many images you have here.

Next, You can link it either to media file that is the same image file in the gallery.

Next, select yes for lightbox, refresh and view the lightbox in action by clicking on the image.

Next, select random to give your gallery a fresh look everytime a visitor refresh and views the image gallery. And we are done with the image settings.

Lets go to the style section. We can add spacing between all the images, increase and decrease to view the look of the gallery.

Next, you can add a border to the images, select solid and then next select a color that suits your overall site color.

Next, you can add curve to image corners to look more stylish. You can play with the settings here to suit your need.

You can adjust the radius to turn the square shaped image into a circle. I find radius to be 10 very stylish.

Next, You can click and add caption to the images. You can click on the images and add captions here for each image and click insert into gallery.

Next click caption, next select show and align the caption text along with color and other font styling options like normal italics underline strike through and more.

But I like to hide captions in my gallery. we can update and view the gallery. It looks stunning without captions.

Next finally in advanced settings, all we need to do is add animation effect. like fade in or fade in from bottom or from up. or you can choose what you feel is creative. I like to add Bounce In Effect.

Lets refresh and preview the changes. And we are done with setting up image gallery with elementor.

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