WordPress Call Button: Setup Call Now Button In WordPress Site (2019)

In this video we will see how to add Call Now floating Button in your wordpress site, wordpress pages, wordpress post, wordpress sidebar area , wordpress footer or in elementor.

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So lets get started with call now button, Click plugins in wordpress dashboard and search for ‘Call Now’ plugin, install this plugin and activate it.

Next, click settings link below the plugin. In the plugin settings page, Select Enabled to enable click to call.

Next, We need to Enter phone number here with plus sign along the country code preceding the phone number.

Next, Enter the text for the clickable call button,

Next, click advanced settings to configure the background color of the floating button and other settings like alignment of the button left or right corner center or full bottom, and save changes.

Lets preview it on mobile device screen. Visitors to the site can click on this floating fixed button and call to enquire about business right from the site.

If you want to align the call now button to the left or right corner, you need to remove the text ‘Call Now’ and save changes. Now preview the changes in the mobile devices. This is how the floating button will be visible on the mobile site when right or left aligned.

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