WordPress Autopost : How to auto post from wordpress to twitter account.

In this video we will see how to auto post from wordpress to twitter.

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Search for snap auto post in wordpress plugin page and next install and activate the plugin. Next, click ‘Snap Auto Post’ tab on the left and click ‘Add New Account’ button.

From the list, select twitter tab. Next Enter a appropriate account nickname. In account info section, enter twitter url in Twitter URL field.

Next, head to twitter site, log into your twitter account, if you are not signed in yet and create a app to get app key and secret key to provide access to autopost from wordpress to twitter handle.

Next, click create an app button, next type and enter app name and other information where ever it says required, select the In Website URL and Call back URL enter your wordpress site URL. Finally click create.

Next, click Keys and Tokens tab, you can copy these both App Key and Secret Key and paste it in wordpress site`s autopost plugin page.

Next, click create button under Access token & access token secret to generate it. Next, copy both Access token & access token secret and paste it in wordpress site`s autopost plugin page and finally, save changes.

We are done setting up auto post process from wordpress to twitter. Post that we create on wordpress will be automatically posted in twitter handle saving us time manually posting them.

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