Setup Pricing Table In WordPress Site Price Plan Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to create a pricing table in your wordpress site. Search for Responsive Pricing Table by WP Drako, install it and activate it.

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Lets create a pricing table and add it in wordpress page. Give a appropriate title for the pricing plan, I design wordpress websites besides youtube video tutorials.

So I shall create something on that line, you can create pricing table based on your product or services you offer on your site.

Lets add our first pricing plan like basic plan for beginners, the second plan as economical for small businessmen and third plan as premium for large business houses.

Lets enter title and subtitle for the first plan. we can enter a short description here or leave it blank, along with price and frequency with which you charge them. for example here web design is forever so I will leave it blank.

Enter features for the plan to differenciate each plan from the other. Next we can enter button information below like Button Text Buy Now or Add to Cart.

If you wish to customise the button code to match your wordpress site color code you can do it here or paypal button code or stripe snippet.

You can enter the product cart page URL link here to make payment. If you wish to highlight style and currency option enable and disabling you can do it here. You can choose a specific color for the each plan.

Once you are done with the first plan you can add more plans and fill in the details as you did in the first plan. And finally save the changes , publish and update.

You can copy the short code and paste the code in the wordpress page or wordpress posr where you wish the pricing plan to appear.

Publish the page once your done adding the short code for the pricing table.

This is how the pricing table will look in wordpress page when anyone click on the plan of their choice they will be taken to the product cart page to make the payment.

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