How to setup facebook pixel in wordpress site

In this video you are going to learn how to setup Facebook Pixels and how to set it up in your wordpress website.

Facebook pixels is a web analytical tool which is packaged in the form of a code that you can insert in the backend of your website, wordpress blog or your shopping site like shopify or any other ecom platform.

Facebook pixel records events that takes place in your website or store like when someone visits your site page views the content page, search is made for a topic or product, product added to shopping cart, or adds a product to wishlist, enters initial checkout page, makes a payment, purchase complete or sign up or registration made on your site and more.

So lets get started. Log into your facebook business account. Link is also mentioned in the description section below the video if you dont have one created yet.

Next on the business manager tab click and select Pixels, You can see here, I have couple of facebook pixel created already.

You may come across a different screen , if you are creating facebook pixel for the first time, click the green button Setup pixel or create pixel or

Click Add data Source tab and select facebook pixel, next in the pop-up window Type a name for your Pixel and your website or shop URL which is optional.

For HTML website you need to select the second method, You can copy the pixel here code and paste the code in the header section of the website pages.

Head to your webhost where your website is stored, and in my case its godaddy webhost, You may have any other webhost, but adding the HTML pixel code is almost similar for all Hosts.

Select the webpage and click edit and next paste the pixel code just below the closing header tag in all the website pages you wish to track and save changes.

You can setup the facebook pixel in any one of the method in your wordpress blog or store.

You can add the facebook pixel in wordpress by installing a Header plugin or by installing Official Facebook Pixel plugin.

Let me show you both the methods here. Lets name first method ‘Pixel Code Header method’. In your plugins page, search for Insert Headers and Footers Plugin, install the plugin and activate it and then head to settings tab in the dashboard and click Insert Headers and Footers tab and here we need to add the facebook Pixel code.

So need to head to Facebook pixel that`s already created in facebook business manager, select ‘manually install pixel code’ section, copy the Pixel Code and add them in the header box of wordpress site.

And we are done , The Facebook Pixel Tracking process takes about 20 to 30 minutes to configure and go active.

The second method of adding facebook pixel is ‘Facebook pixel ID method’. In plugins page, search for Official Facebook Pixel plugin, install it and activate the plugin. Next click settings link that`s below the plugin, You need to add the pixel ID in this box.

So head to your facebook pixel in facebook business manager you already created, copy the pixel ID and next paste the Pixel ID and save changes. 18. Once its active this is how your analytics will lookin facebook business manager site which will allow you to take informed Ad marketing and promotional decisions in the future.

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