How To Import Google Blogsite Posts Into WordPress Site

How To Import Google Blogsite Posts Into WordPress Site

In this video we will see how to import blog posts from google blogger site to other blogger site or the wordpress site.

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Next, first you need to backup your blogger content and next import it into the the wordpress site.

First step: Backup your blogger content.

First log into your blogger account.

Next, Click Settings tab in the blogger dashboard.

Next, click Other link under settings tab.

So Under ‘Import and back up’ section click backup content button.

Next, in the Back up content pop-up window click Save to your computer button.

By default all the pages, posts and comments associated with your blogger site, will be downloaded on to your computer in a dot xml file.

Second step: Import content into the wordpress site.

Head to your wordpress site, in the dashboard click tools tab and next click import option.

Next, click Install blogger under blogger section, next click run importer link.

Next, upload the dot xml file from computer here and click upload file and import.

Next you can select default blogger author or you can assign all the blogger post to the admin or author of your choice in wordpress site and save the changes.

Next we can head to each individual blog post and edit the categories here that you like to keep or remove them. The labels on blogger posts are converted into categories on wordpress.

Next, you can add tags in the tag box for seo and promotion and finally update the changes before previewing the changes on the wordpress post.

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