Facebook Like And Share Button Setup And Installation updated 2019

In this video we will add facebook like button and like box in wordpress post and page.

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First head to facebook developers page, please find the link in the description section below this video.

On this page we can configure the like button for facebook page. Copy the URL of your facebook page and paste it in the URL field and the minimum width of the like button can be 225 and above.

This is how it will be visible when you add to your wordpress site. You can edit other settings here. You can change the layout to suit your need.
1. Standard
2. Box count
3. Button Count and
4. Button

You can also choose the action type between the two option ‘LIKE’ or ‘RECOMMEND’You also chnage the size of the button, if you need a larger button on your site or a small one.

You can add a share button or disable it by checking and unchecking this box. Again if you wish show your friends face along with the facebook buttons you can check this box or uncheck it.

Finally click the get code button to copy the code. Click iframe tab and copy the code.

Lets head to wordpress and install the code in the page and post. In wordpress dashboard, under appearance click widget tab.

Next select Custom HTML and click Add widget. Paste the iframe code in the widget content area and save the changes.

We are done adding the facebook like button plugin in our wordpress site.

Lets preview the like button on the post page. Here it is, this is how facebook page like button will be visible to web visitors who visit our wordpress posts prompting them to Like or Recommend your facebook page as well share it on their facebook profile or to their friends on facebook.

You can copy and paste the code in anywhere on your wordpress page or in the beginning of your wordpress post or in between the wordpress post or the end of the wordpress post.

You can also add the facebook page like and share button in the footer of wordpress site through footer widget in the widget page.

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