Embed Instagram Feed In WordPress Pages And Posts Get more followers Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to connect instagram feed to your wordpress site.

By adding instagram feed, you can attract more web visitors on your site to follow your instagram page.

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Log into your wordpress site and click plugins under dashboard then again ‘Add New’.

Next type and search for ‘Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed’ in ‘Search Box’.

You can see in the search result, this plugin has over 900 thousand active installation, very popular plugin for insta feed.

Lets install the plugin and then activate it.

The plugin has been activated, now lets configure the settings for the plugin and connect it to instagram account.

Under Configure section we can click this button and connect instagram account.

Log into your instagram account if you are already not logged into it.

Next, click continue here or click switch account if you have more than one instagram account like a personal instagram and business instagram account.

As you can see here, our instagram account is connected with the instagram feed plugin sucessfully.

Based on the frequency with which you upload content to your instagram account, you can edit the duration where instagram feed updates new content from instagram account.

And next click and save the changes.

Next click customise tab to customise the display layout of the instagram photos and videos.

You can edit width and height of the layout along with the background color under general Heading.

Next, under layout , you can opt for pro version for layout type you see here.

Next, edit the number of photos that can be visible initially when someone visits the page, maximum being 33.

Next, edit number of columns and padding around the images.

And next click and save the changes.

Next click Display your Feed tab to get the short code for the instagram feed.

Next, we need to Copy this shortcode and paste it directly into the page or post where we would like the feed to be visible. Add instagram into wordpress pages

So Next Step is to Add Instagram Feed shortcode in wordpress page.

Click Add new page, and next enter a appropriate title for the page like Connect With My Instagram Feed.

Next paste the shortcode you copied here and next publish the page.

We can preview the changes to view the page.

You can see here we have sucessfully added the instagram feed and web visitors to this page can view the content and click to follow you on instagram.

Next we will see how to add instagram feed in a wordpress post, you can add it in a new post or existing post.

Click Add new post under posts to create a new post.

And next enter a appropriate title for the post, you can add text content to your post and finally paste the instagram shortcode below.

Next publish the post and click preview to view the post we created.

You can see here we have sucessfully added the instagram feed in our wordpress post, web visitors can view it and follow you on instagram or you can share the post on social media sites.

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