Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate In WordPress Site ( 2019 )

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money by promoting products like electronics or clothing product or services like primemovies membership or travel website for a commission at a certain percentage. If you generate a sale promoting a product or service you get paid without owning the product.

You can promote the product and service on your or others site or blog, it maybe a wordpress site or weebly or wix site, google sites or even social media platforms like facebook, where you can promote it in your facebook page or group or on facebook profile page.

All you need is to Register on Amazon Affiliate site or Amazon associates site for affiliate marketing and promote the product links.

You can promote link from any amazon website like amazon.com, amazon.in or amazon.ca.

You can promote Affiliate product links in social media site like facebook or the weebly or the wordpress site or the wix site or the google site or godaddy HTML website.

Let me walk you through the process step by step broadly speaking.

First Register with amazon associates sites for affiliate marketing.

Next, Generate the product links on amazon.

Next, Promote the product links on websites, wordpress site, weebly website, wix website, google site or blogsites, videosites, forums or social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube.

How much you can earn, well sky is the limit, unlimited or abundant is the word, the more passionate you are about promoting the product links, the more people view and buy the products the more commissions, you get paid. <==== Registration Amazon Affiliate Site ====>

Lets Register into amazon associate site.

search for amazon affiliate site and click this link.

Or you can click the link in the description section below this video.

Click and join amazon associate site.

Create a amazon account account if you dont have one or you can sign in, with the amazon account you usually buy products on amazon site.

Next, before entering your personal details, you need to enter account and payment details, like who is going to be paid, its YOU or others. If it is your own amazon affilaite click the first option as your the payee or choose the second option.

Next, on this page you can enter website or web apps or social media sites where you can advertise the affiliate product links to promote it.

Next, varify and confirm if your site is directed towards kids below 13 years.

Next, enter profile details in the form below.

Enter a valid Store associate ID which will track all your affiliate product links that you gererate on amazon site.

Next brief description about your website or web apps, and select the primary and secondary topic that describes your website or web apps.

Next select the type of products you wish to promote on your website or web apps.

Next select a primary or secondary type for your website or app.

Like is it a blog or niche based site or shopping or coupons site or search and browsing site like google.

Next, select methods of driving traffic to your site and as well as ways to monetising your site.

Next select how you build your links in the site like HTML editor or blog editor, Content management system and more.

Next enter the number of visitors visiting your site monthly along with how did you learn about amazon associate site.

And finally complete the phone identity varification.

This is your Unique Amazon Associate ID that will be visible in all your product links you generate which will track each sale that has occured through your affiliate product links you promoted on website and other social media sites. <==== Payment and Tax information ====>

Next moving on to payment and tax information.

Again Varify your identity to enter payment and tax information.

Select any of the three methods of recieving payments from amazon associate site.

One direct deposit to your bank account thats been entered in amazon site, two through amazon gift cards where you can purchase anything from amazon site with it and third through check payment to your registered address in amazon site whichever you feel comfortable. <==== Tax Information ====>

Next moving on to tax information page.

Enter details like if you are a Individual or a business entity.

And if you are a U.S Nationality or not and such other related information like if you performing the activity within the U.S. or outside of U.S. to validate your tax submission.

It will take maximum of 24 hours to varify and approve your payment and tax submission information.

We are finally done with registering and creating an amazon affiliate account. We can here after generate amazon affiliate product links and enter them in our webiste and other social media places to advertise and promote it to earn affiliate commissions. <==== Generating Affiliate Product Links ====> So lets get into the process of generating affiliate product links.

Log into your amazon associate account, we can search for product links and banners to promote.

First lets get product links, Search for products in the search option. you can see a list of affiliate products here that can be promoted, click GET LINK. You can promote 3 types of product links – one image and text product link with both image and the text combo like the product link here.

Two, image only product link which will display only the product image in it and third text only product link which does not display any image except the text link.

You can copy the HTML code below each affilaite product link and add them in your website or social media sites to promote.

You can promote banner affiliate links on your site same manner you copy and enter affiliate product links in your website or social media sites, you can select from different sizes short , horizontal vertical to a full block banner, copy the HTML code and paste to promote in your site. <==== Amazon associate Site Stripe ====>

Let move to another feature Amazon associate Site Stripe, when you register for amazon associate account a Associate Site Stripe is added to your amazon site, you need not login to amazon associate to generate link for products you can do it directly in your amazon site.

Now we are in the main amazon site and not amazon associate site, I will show you how to create the affiliate product link right on the amazon site.

This is the Amazon Associate SiteStripe, where you can generate affiliate product link on amazon site.

Select and click on the product to go to the main product page.

Next, Here on the Associate SiteStripe lets generate text affiliate product link, next you can either copy the short link and full link and enter it in your website or social media to promote the product.

Or you can click image to generate image only affiliate product link , you can also select short, medium and large image option to display short medium or large product image on the site.

Next you can click Text Plus Image option to generate affilaite product link with both text and image combo as seen here to add in your site. <=== Amazon Affiliate - WordPress Posts ===>

Next moving on, we will see in detail the advertising and promotion part of amazon affiliate product links.

Lets search for a good product like a graphics tablet thats relatable to the post on photoshop in my wordpress site.

We need to be on the main product page to generate the affiliate product link from amazon associate site stripe as explained earlier.

So here we can only copy the text link or only the image link or both text and image link and promote it in my wordpress post.

Or even better we will see how all 3 versions of affiliate product links looks in wordpress post. So lets copy each and enter in the post.

In our wordpress site, lets create a post first to add the affiliate links.

In the wordpress dashboard click add new under posts tab, next type a title for the post and add the main content for the post.

First the image link we will incorporate it somewhere in the post itself. and second the image link and finally the text plus image link we shall copy and paste it in the post

Lets publish the wordpress post and preview the amazon product affiliate links. so lets text each affiliate product link. All the links ends on the main product link page.

We have sucessfully created and setup the affiliate product link, when people click the product on our site and buy the product on amazon we get commission at a certain percentage set for the product as affiliate commission. <=== Amazon Affiliate - WordPress Page ===>

Next we will add affiliate product in a wordpress page, click add new under pages in wordpress dashboard.

Next enter a title for the page along with the main content for the page. we can copy this product affilaite link and paste it here.

Lets publish the new page we created and preview it. Next lets test the affiliate product link.

We have sucessfully setup the affiliate product link in our wordpress page too.

You can promote individual product link in wordpress posts and pages or you can create a whole new shop page with affiliate products links. I will create a updated video with amazon affiliate shop page on wordpress.

Check out the description section below the video or my channel I will keep updating video`s pertaining to amazon affiliate videos.

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With this we come to the end of this video, please subscribe and click the bell icon , like and comment on the video if you found it helpful, Thank you.

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