Assign WordPress User Role: How To Create Edit And Delete A User Role In WordPress Website 2019

In this video we will see how to create, change or delete a user role assigned in a wordpress site.

First log into your wordpress site.

Next under dashboard scroll down to the bottom to users option and click Add New.

Next, enter the details like username you like to assign the new user and a valid email.

Next enter their first and last name along with their website if they have one or you can leave it blank.

Click Show pasword button, you can either keep the same password as it shows here or Enter a new password.

Next check this box named send user notification notifying a new user created for them.

Next you need select a user role to assign a role for the new user which define what actions each user on your site is allowed to perform.

Like Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor or Administrator.

And finally click Add New User.

You can see here a new user has been created. you can edit the user role and change it or you can delete the user role assigned.

To edit the user role assigned click All Users, and then select a user role and click edit under it.

Next, you can change the role you like to assign this user and scroll down to the bottom and click update user.

To delete the user role assigned click all users and next select the user and click delete below option.

Next you can either delete the entire content posted by this user or you can assign the same content to an existing user in the site and click Confirm deletion button.

As you can see the user is deleted from the wordpress site here.

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