How to increase maximum upload file size limit in your wordpress 2019

In this tutorial you can learn how to increase the “maximum upload file size” limit in your WordPress website from from inside your wordpress dashbaord with the help of a plugin in a few minutes.

In your wordpress dashboard, click Add New under media.

You can see the maximum upload limit is only 32MB, we will increase it to 1000MB.

Click Add New under plugins.

Next in the plugins page search for Tuxedo Big File Uploads plugin.

Install and Activate the plugin.

Next in your wordpress dashboard under settings click Media.

Next in Media settings page in Maximum Upload Size Box lets add a value of our choice, I will increase it to 1000MB that is 1 GB.

Next click Save Changes button.

Now under media click Add New.

You can see the maximum upload size have been changed from 32MB 1000MB, we can add files upto 1000MB here after.

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