How To Block Specific Countries From WordPress Site 2019

In this video you will learn how to block specific countries from viewing your wordpress website with the use of a plugin in less than. The process takes less than 3 minutes.

If you are running a local store business setup you could block other countries data by blocking visitors from other countries or if you find more spamming comments from certain parts of the world specifically you could block such countries visitors.

So lets get started. First, log into your wordpress site.

In your wordpress dashboard under plugins click Add New.

Next search for IQ Block Country plugin.

Install and activate it.

Next in your wordpress dashboard under settings click IQ Block Country.

Next in the IQ Block Country plugin settings page.

Click Frontend tab.

On this page you will see-

Block visitors from visiting the frontend of your website: Click the box if it is not checked already.

This option will block visitors from viewing your website.

Next, Check the box for-

Do not block visitors that are logged in from visiting frontend website:

This option will allow visitors like you, the admin or whoever is login into your site to view your website.

Next select the country you wish to block visitors from from the drop down here. You can select multiple countries here.

But if you want your website to be viewed in just a certain country or few countries then click this box along with the the above option.

For this video we will see how to block visitors from certian country or countries.

Finally click save button.

Now lets see what happens when visitors from the blocked country visit your website.

This is the page they will view as being denied from viewing the website.

We can also drive visitors from blocked country with this option.

Click Home tab from IQ Block Country plugin settings page.

Choose a page from your website for visitors to view from this drop down.

Or you can add a specific URL here in this url box. like google page and click Save Changes button.

Lets see whats happens when visitors from blocked country view our website with forwarding url option.

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