Information Technology has transformed the way one conducts business across the globe. It allows to connect and control our business by automating manual activitity and process information more quickly. Be it a small business or a retail shop or a large business house, in todays time one cannot afford to not be connected with the online business scenario one or the other way. Hence having a business website and social media setup is more important than ever.
Below are some of the Reasons to have a website for your business activity:
1. Customers expect and look up for your business process to have a website as an brand identity before making any decisions.
2. Your are the ‘Narrative’ of your business. A online domain presence helps clients to know about you with more clarity than what someone says about your business.
3. Customers do have a very good idea about the product they want, but yet they do research and rely on social media, reviews and testimonials for any decision making process.
4. Your business, brick and mortar location is only opened a few hours in a day while your website is accessible round the clock 24/7 , 365 days a year.
5. Portfolio, creating a portfolio and sharing it on your website for customers to view and build network can be very cost effective and creative. Allow download files about your products and services on your site.
6. Communication with customers via contact page or business email plays a vital role in boosting up your long term brand reputation and customer loyality.
7. Social media presence on sites like facebook, twitter , instagram or google+ which leads to their website is vital for any business, be it small or large in their advertisng and marketing mix.

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