WhatsApp Chat from Computer or Laptop Official 2019

WhatsApp Chat from Computer or Laptop Official 2019

In this video we will see how to use whatsapp on your PC or laptop it is efficient way to connect whatsapp on your PC without any software.

Let’s see how to connect whatsapp in your mobile phone and in your computer or laptop.

Go to this website whatsapp dot-com and click this whatsapp web which will take you to the well whatsapp page here

We need to scan this QR code from your phone now your mobile phone

open whatsapp go to whatsapp menu settings and click on it you will find whatsapp web option.

Now click on whatsapp for web option this will automatically open the camera to scan point the camera to the computer screen.

And scan the QR code that’s on your PC or laptop screen, automatically the scan will connect and sync your phone and computer.

Now you can chat send images on your whatsapp on PC just like you did it in your mobile phone.

But your mobile phone should always be connected to the Internet to chaton whatsapp from your PC or laptop.

This process is available only for Android Blackberry and Microsoft or Windows Phone.

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