How to use WhatsApp Broadcast messages feature

In this video learn how to send broadcast messages in WhatsApp, which is mass messaging to many people at a time. But the recipients will recieve the message individually as a regular message and they can reply to you as a regular message without seeing or knowing that message was sent to other individuals as well. 2. It is ideal for personal announcements without any specific names, promotional or brand announcements, invitations to celebrations, and such similar messages. Lets go through the process.

Open your WhatsApp on your smartphone and in the chats tab selected, Tap the three dotted more icon that visible on the right hand corner of your phone screen.more

Next, In the drop down menu Click New broadcast and next select the contact persons in your smartphone and to whom you wish to send the message.

Once your done with selecting the contacts in your phone, Click the tick marked icon in the bottom of the phone screen.

In the next screen you can type the message or record a voice message and attach images or video and send to all the contacts in the broadcast message at a time, saving you time from sending messages individually.

You can confirm if the message was sent by clicking the more icon in the right top corner of the smartphone and again clicking the broadcast info list.

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