How To Embed Youtube Subscribers Button – Google Developers Code – Youtube Studio 2019

In this video we will see how to embed youtube subscribe button to get more youtube subscribers from web visitors visiting on wix or weebly or wordpress or google site pages or wordpress post.

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First step is to configure and setup subscriber button code.

Lets get going with the process, First, Search for YouTube Subscribe Button developers code and click this first link that you see on your browser.

I have entered the URL link to subscribers button developers page in the description section below.

Next, this is the offical Google developers page to create a Youtube Subscriber button for your channel.

Here you can configure youtube subscription button and get the embedded code to add in your wix or weebly or google web site pages or wordpress page or wordpress post.

You can enter your Channel Name or channel ID here, If you know your channel name you can enter here or enter the channel ID which is unique to every channel.

Log into your youtube account, you need to click settings tab on the left hand side and next you need to click advanced settings on the left hand side of the page.

This unique channel ID you can copy from your channel URL too.

Next copy the YouTube Channel ID code that visible on this page, each channel has a unique ID for the channel.

Now paste the channel ID in here in ID field here. You can see here youtube subscriber button has updated along with the subscriber count in youtube channel.

Next, You can choose either the default layout or the full layout for the subscribe button.

Next, You can select either the default theme or dark theme.

Next, you can either hide or or make the subscriber count visible by selecting either of the option as you can see here, the count being visible and invisible.

Finally once we have set all the parameters for the subscriber button, we can copy this code and go to wix or weebly or google web site pages or wordpress page or wordpress post.

Second Step Is To Embed the Subscriber Button In WordPress Site or wordpress Post or weebly site or google web site.

Log into wordpress site , in wordpress dashboard click all pages under Pages tab, then select and edit the page in which you want to add subscribe button.

Next click the more icon on the right and then select code editor.

Next in the code editor page paste the embed code where you want the subscribe button to be visible and click update button.

Click the Preview button on the page and test the subscriber button.

You can see on this page, everytime a web visitor clicks the youtube button, he is prompted to click the subscriber button to view your channel which helps in more channel subscriber growth and more video views.

You can add the subscriber button code in your wordpress posts the same manner as shown for wordpress pages.

Log into google site or weebly account and select the site if you have more than one site in your account.

Next select the page tab and then select the page you want to embed the youtube subscribe button.

Next select insert tab and click embed option. Next, select embed tab again in pop-up window.

Enter the youtube subscribe button code and click insert button.

Next click Edit Site Button. Next select the page in which you want to add Subscribe Button.

Next click embeded code option on the left and next enter the subscriber button code in it.

Next click publish button and finally preview the page to test the embeded subscribe button.

We have succesfully embeded the Youtube Subscribe button.

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