SSL Certificate : How to configure and setup SSL certificate for your website

Security is very vital to anyone who does business on the web.

You might have come across HTTP and HTTPS in websites, the ‘S’ in the latter says that SSL certificate is added to the website which means ‘ Secure Socket Layer ‘, its tecnology that keeps all the sensitive data safe, like credit card and social security details, user names and password out of reach from cyber crooks and hackers.

SSL encrypts and scrambles the data that flows between the webservers and website.

So lets see how to configure a new SSL certificate.

First you need to purchase a SSL certificate from godaddy to configure it to website in godaddy.

Log into your godaddy account and click manage under webhosting section and next click Cpanel admin.

Next in Cpanel dashboard we need to head to the secutity section in the bottom. Here click SSL TLS option.

You will come across couple of option on this page. Click CSR, Certificate Signing Requests to generate SSL certificate signing requests.

On this page we need to enter couple of details like your domain, city , state country and company,CSR passphrase and more.

By default, let the Key information ‘Generate a new 2, 0, 4, 8, bit key’, be unchanged.

In the domains field enter your website id. and fill in other information.

You can add a passphrase here,which is optional.Passphrase are words or phrases that you can add that protects private key files.It prevents unauthorized users from encrypting them.

Finally click generate button.

It may take couple of minutes to process, once the CSR information is processed. click return to SSL manager.

Now we need to head to the SSL Certificate section in godaddy home page, it`s where we will find the SSL certificate purchased.

Here click setup beside the SSL Certificate. Next click New Certificate in the Certificates page.

In Certificate setup page, click “choose a domain” and select a domain and next click “Input a CSR” and copy Encoded CSR and paste it here and next click continue. and again click agree option and click continue to move forward.

After all the above process we will recieve a email within the next 10 minutes. Lets head to our email account registered with godaddy and varify the email.

The email states the ownsership of the certificate to . You can see here, we have succesfully generated SSL Certificate.

There is an ‘S’ added to the ‘HTTP’ , Lets click this link and confirm that SSL certificate is added and we see a padlock added and when we click on it it says our site connection is secure.

Next, lets head to SSL certificate validation page, refresh the page and You can see the certificate issued with domain name and the period of validation that is one year.

You can Display your SSL Certificate security seal on your website by adding this seal image, you can choose the light or the dark color and next copy the code and paste it anywhere on the site that you wish to display it to instill confidence in your web visitors that your site is secure.

So let me head to my wordpress site and paste the code just above the footer section and view my site, there it is my SSL Certificate security seal.

We also need to change the domain name URL in wordpress dashboard manually, click settings and change the domain URL from HTTP to HTTPS and click save changes.

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