Free SSL Certificate: How to add a Free SSL Certificate to your website

In this video we will see how to add a Free SSL Certificate to your website. Presuming you all know, why a SSL certificate is important to every site on the internet. If you dont know Google ‘ SSL Certificate’.

You can see here my site has no SSL certificate added to it, hence it says ‘Not Secure’ before the domain name with ‘no padlock’ in front to the site as visible in other sites.

To add a Free SSL certificate go to this cloudflare site , and create a account and log into the site.

Next click Add a site button on this page.

Next here on this page enter the website domain and click add Site button.

Next for free SSL certificate select free plan and click confirm plan.

Next on this page you can see all the data of your website and domain has been scanned and propagated here, next, click continue button.

Next step is very important, you need to change the name servers of your website domain pointing towards cloudflare name servers.

So you need to copy this two name servers and enter in your domain DNS record in your.

My domain name is with godaddy account, I need to change the domain name servers to this and in my godaddy account.

You can change your name servers in the Internet domain registrar and web hosting account like godaddy hostgator or bluehost.

Once you have added and changed the cloudflare name servers head to cloud flare site.

Next, click done, check name servers button.

Once saved changes, It may take up to 24 hours or sooner for your registrar to process this change.

Next step is click CRYPTO icon and on this cryptography settings page, change SSL to Flexible option.

And here Always Use HTTPS section activate to ON.

That is all you need to do to add free SSL certificate to your site.

Next, once the SSL configuration process has completed within the next 24 hours or lesser, you can see an a padlock along with HTTPS is added in front of your website domain.

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