Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Design And Upload Your First T-Shirt in PhotoShop – Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to create a product image for merch by amazon from scratch in photoshop.

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Step 1 Create Merch Amazon Artwork in Photoshop to be Uploaded to Amazon Merch

First open a blank file in photoshop.

Next, enter dimernsions in the pop-up window 4500px width and 5400px height and 300dpi.

Under advanced select sRGB profile and Next click save preset and next type in a name for the preset.

Everytime you create a amazon merch product image you need not keep entering the dimensions for the file, you can directly select this preset.

Add all the artwork elements like copyright free image and textual content.

Once you are satisfied with the artwork, click edit tab in the main menu.

Next click convert to profile from the drop down menu.

Next confirm SRGB profile is selected under Destination Space, which is the ideal profile format for Merch Amazon product images and finally click OK.

Next select file option from main menu and click save as option to save the product image file for Merch Amazon.

And we are done creating the Merch Amazon product image file for Merch Products.

Step 2 Uploading Merch By Amazon Tshirt Artwork to Merch Amazon Site

Now lets upload this artwork on Merch Amazon Tshirts for sale.

Log into your merch amazon website, and next click upload finish artwork button.

Next in this page we can upload our artwork for tshirt and other product details.

Click upload button on the tshirt here to upload your artwork and select the product type and market place you intend to sell the product.

Select if you want the artwork to be printed both front and back or only the front side.

Next click save selection and continue button.

Next on this page you can configure your product Fit for men, women and youth and as well as the tshirt colors thats will be available for sale, you can select upto 5 colors here. Next you can enter your price here, higher price yeilds high royalty earning but sale can drop down, so choose the optimum price you feel is right for your artwork.

Next click save selection and continue button.

Next on this page Enter Brand name for the product and a unique title for your product that you think the buyers would type in the search which look for your tshirt.

Again enter keyword that you think people will enter while searching for similar tshirt design.

You can enter a brief product description and finally again click save selection and continue button.

Next on this page review all the details entered, like product artwork , name, pricing and keywords for product.

Finally submit the product for review by merch amazon team.

Here you can see the product review is under process, it will take a few minutes or few hour to be approved, once its approved it will be live for sale.

As you can see our product is live,

We have sucessfully created a sRGB profile product image in photoshop thats approved by Merch Amazon.

Lets click and see how our main product listing page looks.

This page you can share in social media and share with your friends encouraging them to buy if they like the tshirt design.

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