Photoshop Batch Waternark: How to batch watermark photos in photoshop

In this video we will see how to batch watermark photos in photoshop.

First, lets open a image in photoshop.

Next, go to windows tab and then select actions tab.

Here create a new folder and name it, something like watermark Image.

Next create a new action and name it something like brand. and next click Record.

Now it is recording everything we do in photoshop.

so to add a watermark image, click file and next click place or place embeded and choose the watermark file.

In image size window you can change the width and hit ok.

You can see the width of the image has been changed and it has been recorded it here.

Next go to file as save as, and you can save it anywhere, either your desktop or a folder in your main drive.

Next Choose a a quality that you feel appropriate , 11. but 10 is pretty good quality if you saving it for the web and click OK.

Now click the stop button on the Actions panel.

Now let automate the action.

Go to file, select automate and click batch.

Here in this Batch window see if the default set folder and actions are selected.

Next here you can select files or entire folder, here let me select the entire image folder.

Next click the options, suppress file open options dialogs and color profile warnings.

We need to select a destination folder here for the resized images or you can create a new folder.

Next set the parameters for the file name here. Like the document name plus any other text like the size or just the extension.

You can see when we change the parameters for the file name, the sample file name can be viewed here.

Finally click on. and your batch images resize is in process. Once completed we can head to the resized image folder to view the image files.

With this we come to the end of the photoshop video tutorial.

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