Instagram How To Upload Photo Image To Instagram From Your Computer 2019

In this video we will see how to upload image to instagram from your computer.

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Log into your instaram account and next right click on your mouse and select inspect option on your drop down menu.

Next click toggle device toolbar option that looks like tab and phone icon.

Next in the device Toolbar you can click on responsive option.

And you can click on any phone dimensions based on the phones here.

Next click on this more icon and select show device frame to add a frame around the phone dimensions.

Next in the zoom option click, Fit to window.

Next click control plus F5 key on your keyboard.

Next click the middle plus icon on your phone screen and select a image to upload.

Next click next button on right top in the phone display and next you can write a caption along with a url link to promote in instagram and click share button.

You can see your image along with caption has been posted on your instagram.

You can click the three dotted more icon and from the pop-up window you can delete the image post.

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