How to use Instagram NameTag Feature Updated 2019

Instagram Nametag – it’s the brand new feature on the block.

The new Instagram feature has been designed to make it easier for users to promote themselves visually on your web or blogsite and also other social media networks.

No more typing in long usernames. With the name tag feature all you have to do is scan a name tag and follow people on instagram.

If you can`t find the feature in your phone then you need to update yourinstagram app.

To open up the new Instagram Nametag feature you’ll need to scroll up your Instagram profile to the top bar and click menu bar in the right corner.

Next click Name Tag option and thats it your in name tag screen, you can click the scan a nametag link in the bottom of the nametag screen and scan other instagram user to follow them.

You have 3 style options for your name tag. you can choose any one of the option by clicking the link on the screen top colored , emoji or selfie option.

A coloured background – like in Instagram Stories or
A tiled emoji background – one emoji of your choice or
A selfie – you can tap on the glasses to get different stickers until you like something cool and relatable to your personality.

You can change the style of your Instagram nametag and customise it for a unique look as often as you like.

You can also promote your instagram name tag as a QR code image in social media networks or your web and blogsites where web visitors can scan the name tag image and connect with you.

You can take a screenshot of the nametag and embed in your web or blogsite or share it on facebook and other social media sites.

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