How to upload videos into Instagram from computer

Download Gramblr :

1. In this video I will show you how to upload videos from your computer to your instagram. Download this free program called Gramblr, link to download is provided in the description section too.

2. You can download and install either the Mac or windows version both 32bit and 64bit available based on your computer.

3. When you open Gramblr first time, this is the screen you come across.

4. You need to enter a valid email and password to register and also enter your instagram account registered email and password to login into your instagram via grambr to connect and post and finally click Sign up Button.

5. Since I already have a gramblr account, I can sign in now here with my gramblr email and login password.

6. Next this is the screen we come across when we open Gramblr.

7. Here under Upload Now we can drag and drop videos or images or click and upload videos and images.

8. I am uploading a motion graphics logo video created by me to my instagram to promote it.

9. Next on this page the video is uploaded, we can crop the size we want by clicking the blue buttons below depending on the video size required.

10. You can also clip the video to be uploaded by moving the end buttons on your time line and finally clicking the Thumbs up button.

11. Next here you can see your video has been propagated for upload, add a nice caption and hash tags and click Send button.

12. Video upload in completed, followers and friends can view it on my instagram account.

13. With this we come to the end of the instagram video upload tutorial.

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