Youtube Analytics Explained – Realtime Analytics 2019

In this video we will see how many of have viewed youtube videos in the last 48 hours and how many was watching your video in the last one hour along with other data analytics information that could helps in promoting more videos in a very optimum manner.

Log into your youtube channel and click channel icon and next click creator Studio tab.

Next click the analytics tab on the left side of creator studio page.

Under Overview tab on the right side, the watch time section represents the total number of minutes my youtube videos were watched for a specified duration of time.

Here views section represents the number of times my youtube videos were watched.

Here you can the average view duration of the entire videos and Estimated Revenue Section represents my youtube video earning in my youtube account.

Next here it shows, the total number of times viewers liked and disliked my videos, comments and shares my videos has recieved, along with number of times my videos were added to playlist and total subscribers in my youtube channel.

Here, you can change the time period and compare your videos watched time and videos viewed accordingly, like last month so many viewed and the time duraion again last 28days, last 30days, this week, last week, last month, this month or last year or the last 365days and more.

Next, you can view the top most watched videos in the youtube channel here, along with their individual total video watch time, views and earnings.

Next below you can see from which country most visitors have viewed my youtube videos here and the gender based viewings. We can drill down more specifically by clicking on the section to view the countries and cities in detail.

Here in the Traffic sources, More videos were watched through youtube search result, next comes close is the external destination sources like google search results, youtube end screens, video cards, playlists and more.

Here the playback location represents the videos watch pages, wheather they were watched more on youtube site or on other sites like google blogsite , social media sites like facebook or my website.

Next the Realtime tab shows us how many viewed my videos in the last 48 hours as well as how many have been watching rightthe videos right at this hour along with which videos are being watched, the green bar represents videos been watched at this hour.

Here you can again click on these Links and view very specifically what devices the videos were watched like if they were being watched on computers, mobile phones, tablet or TV

And the Operating system gets you information on what type of software systems were used in those devices when our videos were watched. yes it`s a very detailed information. I too do not know how this can help us though.

The last Geography link, we have already covered in this video.

Well I guess we have covered pretty much all the information on youtube analytics, these information allows us to analyse and try to get us more youtube video views by acting on these valuable information.

Lets take this Playback location analytics information for instance, see the maximum watch location is in youtube site which is organic search result right on youtube site.

But there are viewers coming from external sources too but very minimum traffic. so need to promote more of my youtube videos on other blogsites, social media sites and my very own website.

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